Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Yellow Skinned

I have one classmate who is a local. He is intelligent, picks up everything real fast.

He is hardworking too, just like the rest of them. He needs to wake up at 5am and catch a bus to work. His work starts at 7am and ended at 5~7pm. Then he need to rush to uni for lectures just like me. He would probably reach home around 11pm. This is his life. Looks sad and dull?

Wait till he tell you about his 8.5 months year end bonus then you’ll know. He deserved it.

There’s no free breakfast, lunch, dinner here, you have to work it out. Hardly and badly.

No one cares about your skin colour, only performance and result they want.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy Months


The blue ones indicate an important day.

The white one, a breathing day.

Peach one, Weekend.

Thunderstorms and turbulence ahead, please buckle up.

The best song to cure me now:

I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Complain, Complain and Still Complaining

I realized that the people here are really like to complain.

Let me give you some examples,

1. When CCTV surveillance is provided at the common HDB lift, you say waste of electricity. When no CCTV, then you say why no security.
2. Unhappy because people don’t give up the seat to someone else.
3. Vehicles parked at the roadside.
4. Your bus moving too slow or your bus driver eating during his duty.
5. ERP, because they charge you when you use it on peak hour. They don’t know KL people driving midnight 3am still need to pay toll.
6. Drivers changed lanes without signaling.
7. Food court table not cleaned.
8. $3.00 breakfast is expensive.
9. People watched F1 for free on top of trees, while you have to watch it at home.

While comparing to us Malaysians, we are easier to be pleased if today:-
1. No traffic jam.
2. No flood.
3. Step into home and locked the door safely.
4. No sudden 40% increment of petrol price.
5. Back home with handbag not being snatched.
6. No duit kopi given.
7. Your neighbourhood police beat base closed due to unsafe issue.
8. Not being kicked back to China.
9. No third and forth angkasawan flying with your money.
10. Your beloved local uni got into world top 100,000
11. Out of the 10 Maybank ATM you went around, 1 is not out of service.

I’m so proud that I’m a Malaysian. Woohoo~!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To The Moon!

India launched its first rocket to the moon today.

While Malaysia is planning to send the second angkasawan up, proud of eating roti canai on Russian’s spacecraft.

I really feel humiliated. Damn you.

Indian rocket blasts off to the moon

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It’s Great to Share!

If you have a screwed life, don’t worry. Make yourself a little bit better over here:-

Fail Blog

p/s: I just can’t stop clicking next, next, next, its damn funny……

Have a nice day!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Short Review: WD My Passport Elite

My latest addition: WD My Passport Elite

So far, I’ve tried Maxtor, Seagate and also Fujitsu.

Til date, the worst HDD I ever experienced is Seagate. Failed to withstand 24 hours non-stop downloading and died on me in 1 year time. And the warranty claiming was another torturing moment as I need to courier it to Singapore from KL, simply because Malaysia’s branch is unhelpful based on other forumers’ experiences.

In fact, this is my first try on Western Digital.

5 years warranty instead of 3 like others.
Simple to use.
USB powered.
Low noise.
Lighting response on warranty issue from WD team, bravo!

The HDD is formatted to FAT32, which means no single file larger 4gb is allowed. There goes all dvd images…… sob sob sob

Price a little bit on the high side

Soft pouch is given unlike the leather ones for normal passport.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

FAQ - My Daily Routine

Ever since I’ve relocated to Singapore, I took less than 10 photos from then. I have lost the interest of taking down memories of my student life in sg. I guess the huge reason behind this is my life sucks over here, well, for a student at least.

My daily routine would be rather dull, tasteless, or bleached. However, I still have the privilege of waking up late til 9am. (Yes, 9am is already considered outstanding, based on the noise level outside my room). Then followed by all basic stuffs that other humans did so in the morning.

After that, I’ll need to bring my grandma for a cup of coffee every morning. Then I’ll have a chance to grab something to eat from the kopitiam. This coffee session would normally lasts about 2.5 hours, due to the pace of my grandma, and also some pit stops at the benches along the way go and back.

Usually it will be already 11.30~12pm when I reach home, and rush to chase back some time for revising.

Lunch, it is the same everyday at home. Fried fish with fried vegetables. Healthy diet, due to my grandma’s condition. Eating the first day ok, 1 week still ok, 1 month? Cannot tahan di. But still have to eat. Eating outside oftenly would burn my RM savings even faster as I have lost my earning ability ever since I started study again. Stupid uni doesn’t allow international students to work for the first semester!

Later after lunch, I’ll pack and leave for uni. The journey from Hougang to NTU is about 1.5 hours or less. Taking the purple line all the way down to the second last station, outram park and then switch to green line all the way to the last station, boon lay. Then, I need to catch a public bus to the campus. Sometimes the queue for the bus can be as long as 1km, you can’t even fit into the first empty double decker arrived and wait for the next one.

Normally I’ll choose to study in library or reading room. Library the most of the time, because they have plenty of magazines. Haha. Basically not much activities that look rather interesting to me, I don’t need any grooming for better career, listen to any career talks nor overseas training. Even the mechanical society is almost wasted, their activities calendar is almost emptied and the only activity that launched was exam preparation and tips. WTF. There’s no technical excursion or leisure trip unlike Sheffield’s trip to greyhound racing, Rolls Royce factory visit, etc. I guess everyone here only thinks about their future and worked the rest of their life.

My classes usually starts at 6.45pm, so I need to get an early dinner for that. There are not much canteens or choices in walking distance. Really nothing proud to shout about. The lectures usually ends at 9.30pm but some nasty ones really hogged up til 9.45pm. The worst moment of my life is to squeeze into the public bus with the rest. I still remember once that I heard “excuse me” from my back when everyone is squeezing up and me being gentleman thinking that I’m blocking her to somewhere else and allow her to go through. And what she did next was cut the queue made into the bus in the nest minute. WTF. Her mainland education didn’t teach her about this?

By the time when I reach home, it is always already half past eleven and everyone is already gone to their peace zone. Tidy up myself, do some internet surfing, and hurried to my bed. There goes another day of my student life in Singapore…..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stress Stress Stress

I can only afford to post up a small update as my first exam is logging in on the coming month.

Stresses are piling up as more and more materials needed to study.

Drowning more and more redbull and vitamins.

Hairline is retreating!

Help!!! mayday mayday!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Who Am I?

The difference between scientist and engineer.

Scientist: calculated, experiments done and came out with a very accurate and precise outcome.

Engineer: use rule of thumb, using someone’s law and slapped a safety factor of 5~10 and present to client.
Scientist: presented and explained with more and more scientific terms and clients got lost. More unknown and questions created at the end.

Engineer: part A, B and C got defects. Please change them.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Map to Somewhere

I have something is worth mentioning about.

I was in KL last weekend and some friends n I decided to eat Japanese food in Manjalara. For sure I know the directions to there but some might not familiar with that area.

So one of my motivated and considerate friends took the initiative to draw a very detail map for the others and I think it is worth to upload it over here.

Come, let’s enjoy the map.

Yong Han said someone pointing him to Holland, another one felt sick after seeing the map and didn’t turn up.

Conclusion, where to get such good friend, right?


Super Mario Game