Saturday, February 28, 2009

Short Notes

I have finally received my new lappie at work. Changing from a Pentium 4 M to core 2 duo is so much difference, specially the huge jump of memory from 256mb to 2gb. I have to wait nearly 2 month to get this and was suffering with that old piece of junk from store room.

When the lady sitting next to me starts to talk to herself, I’ll start to worry. Worried she will poke a knife on me when she can’t cope with the working pressure.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Time is No Enough

Busy months ahead.

March – Night classes
April - Exam
May – Bangkok trip
June – work work work
July – Perhentian island (planning)
August – Night classes start again
Nov - Exam
Dec – Beijing trip

Saturday, February 14, 2009

No More Games For Me

Apparently my video card has failed on me, I couldn’t load FM anymore.

In fact that is the hardest part of upgrading. I have changed to new mobo and transferred the old video card to here before, as I love my 5 years old radeon 9800 XT too much, unwilling to let it go. It performed well and still partially in service. Why is this the hardest part? This 9800 old tech stuff is running on AGP slot and it has been phased out for quite sometime already. So, the following options that are available to me:-

1. Get another AGP video card, but not much choices available on the shelf.
2. Get a new mobo with PCI Express slot.

Second option is like getting whole new system since the ram is not supporting too.

This is why I hate to play computer games. The upgrading of computer performance is increasing vastly and costly too. Might as well get a PS2 or 3 which can last for at least 5 years.

Now even surfing the net can be very slow sometimes and even freeze the whole system.

ROFLMAO Moment 1

If you have some time to spare with me, please watch this. thanks.

All I Want is a Camera

Been gathering digital camera’s info for the past weeks, wanted to have a new personal camera and throw my 2.0 megapixel and kill someone perhaps. There are few models came into my consideration, Panasonic LX3, Canon G10, Panasonic TZ5 and Nikon P5100.

Anyhow, G10 is the best in my affordable range but too bulky. P5100 not so good comments, TZ5 abit outdated. So what I left is LX3.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Die Die Must Buy Some

I thought I’m a Duracell rabbit, can never say die, but the rabbit died once.

My mom and brother were in sg for the weekend, and me being the gooooood son, I gave up my lovely bed to them. So I spent 2 nights on one inch cushion placed on cold hard tiles. Definitely didn’t sleep well at all and so tired throughout the weekend.

At first I thought I can finally get maximum rest on Monday night after my night class, but it ended up sitting next to the computer. Stupid air asia is selling free tickets on 12.00am onwards again, and SM is not going to miss this chance to get some tickets. Die die must buy tonite. The night wasn’t smooth too, air asia was incapable to cater and the booking system was clogged up like you flushed down an elephant in your toilet. The booking system went frosted still ok, to add salt to the wound, the merchant for ticket payments was facing technical difficulties. Damn it! We initially were trying to get 6 tickets for a trip of 6, but we only managed to buy 4. At the end we gave up and head to bed in the middle of the night.

Tuesday was another full day of work and night class again.

Why la, why your marketing dept can think of such idiotic ideas like selling discounted tickets in midnight or odd hours? I mean if really want to, at least the booking system is should to cater for all users, and not letting us suffer by staring at the monitor for hours. Saw a news that came out on the following 2 days about the complaints about the inefficient of air asia ticketing system.

Anyhow, I’ve planned two trips for year 2009. Had a quiet year 2008, and I’m ready to fly more this year.

Will be revisiting Bangkok again during this labour day.

And another year end trip, either Beijing, Taipei or Seoul.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tired v1.0235

Had a wild ride on contractor’s Subaru Impreza WRX this morning. We were rushing from site to another site. Now I know how much fun you can have when you drive a performance car. The torque and grip is simply different from normal cars even C200 kompressor. The seat holds you tightly and stays low. He even did a 90 degree handbrake turn at 80km/h into a small housing access road.

When can I get myself a vw golf gti? Damn it. Have to work harder, 85k is not an unreachable target.

On another side note, I have this ongoing project. The architect, structural, and electrical engineer are all ladies. I love my boss.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gimme More Time Please……

Ever since I have started work and study in a same time, I feel so drained out and no mood to do anything else when I return home. The worst day is Tuesday night class, the second straight night of classes in a week.

I shall remove this picture if I’m the lucky one.

There is a special toto draw during the cny, my colleagues went to grab a hope during lunch break and I betted $1. Just to try my luck. $10 million!

I’ve been assigned to participate in a security project, and I need to declare my background to the government. Digging back old history like where I have been staying for the past freaking ten years and all my exam results. The hardest part is to get two people who know me more than 2 years in sg and has to be prepared for interview with the home affairs. Dunno who could help me on this, hopefully I din put them into trouble.

Super Mario Game