Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Current Internet Speed


However speed throttling does happen when xunlei-ing.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thank You!

Thanks, guys!

Really appreciate the effort and support given by you all!

Road Trip 10~13/07/2008 - Part 1

Do you ever have some dreams since young?

Ever think of an unwell-planned roadtrip with bunches of idiots cool friends?

Yeah, we made it.

It was planned during May when I got to know that I’m leaving my work for a master course, so something came out of my mind. I wanna do something before I leave Malaysia for some time.

Of cause money always been a huge issue to all working class in KL, so a roadtrip round the peninsular would be cheaper.

The initial plan was me driving up with my car, but the numbers of participants were growing so a van is needed.

Renting a van could burst our budget immediately since there’s no cheap lunch van around KL. Luckily I found one in the internet. It was a 17 years old van, manual with no power steering, lorry type of leaf spring suspension with no window tinting, 1,600cc and claimed to be sufficient to carry 10 passengers. Bottom of the line, CHEAP. OK, I'M TAKING IT.

The initial route was KL > Bentong > Kuantan > Tasik Kenyir > Kuala Terengganu > Kota Bharu > Penang > Ipoh > KL. Anyhow, we didn’t follow it and solely depend on the driver and also the top speed of the van.

We gathered around at Gavin’s house around 12am, the estimated departure time was 3am. Unfortunately we took more than 45 mins to solve the problems of seating and luggage storing. Haih, typical Inaians + similar friends.

I shall introduce the victims members of the trip.

Daren Tiow Lu Wah (damn, my blog gonna be rated PG after mentioning your name!), the mistakenly appointed co-driver cum navigator. Why? Where the hell got co-driver sleeps the whole trip?

Reason of participate: empty slots of during job transition period

Chan Leed Wi, the newly appointed co-driver to replace the sleeping beauty beast. Trained in Russia and still cool with auto only. Direction wise? Failed. Arguing with Kim until the van almost ran out of tar roads in the middle of nowhere.

Reason of participate: Summer holiday

Kim Lim Yap Gim, the driver for the whole damn trip. He doesn’t have confidence in other members to drive, he’s also being labeled as gorilla by Wi all da time. This gorilla was having a great discussion regarding French with the ent.

Reason of participate: Boss can do business anywhere and anytime.

Gavin Yap, the guy with bladder problem throughout the whole trip. Saw his bird bird N times already along the trip. Another guy that who can’t survive without ciggies. Constantly blur and wanting to pee.

Reason of participate: Maybe he needs more excitement!

Jeremy, Gavin’s friend. Slumber all da time bro. Used up all three seats at the back by you bro, still can nap under hot sun bro, still can survive without air con bro, glad to know you bro.

Reason of participate: I really don't know bro!

To Be Continued……

Stay tuned for next episode!

Small Update

Registration done

blood test done

x ray done

mattress done

reading table done

Bivalving of cast done

Mobile Num undone

Internet done

part time job employment undone

Monday, July 14, 2008

Back from Roadtrip

Just returned from the roadtrip.

Currently busy on packing up!

It’s damn frustrating to work with only left hand for a right hander.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Physically Unfit

I’m on long MC starting today onwards.
Gonna cancel leave tomorrow.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Clock is Ticking...

It’s getting closer and closer to the departure date.

Here’s my schedule for July.

10th ~13th July 2008, Thursday ~ Sunday
Road trip!

17th July 2008 Thursday
Bye bye! See you boss!

18th~19th July 2008 Friday~Saturday
Packing up!

20th July 2008 Sunday
Going down south to Singapore.

21st July 2008 Monday
To open a bank account, and take photograph for student pass

22nd July 2008 Tuesday
To report to International Student Center and also make appointment for medical examination.

23rd July 2008 Wednesday
To pay registration fee and register to the university officially

24th July 2008 Thursday
Sort out my room, telephone, internet, blah blah blah…….

25th July~3rd August 2008 Friday~Sunday
What should I do?

4th August 2008 Monday
Starts of semester 1, (I got only 2 semesters, IF I don’t fail any.)

Can’t waste anymore time liao.

Super Mario Game