Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pain Pain Pain

It’s been third straight weekends on futsal.

My body isn’t felt like mine, and I walked like robotcop in the office today.

The only gain that I can see from it is my improved stamina.

Talking about football or even any other team sports, my intention to score is not always as huge as some other players on the field. I always love to work in a team, to support them at the rear. That’s why you would always see me at mid to center back of the field. I always let others to chase their dreams, or to score some really nice goals, hence I don’t mind to fill up the least favored position on the field.

But some people might be getting too competitive and playing too serious and rough when there’s some body contact during the game. They would rather hit you hard and down so that you will give way to them. To me, it’s just a game, friendly some more, so there’s no need of so much intense until you are hurting someone else. To be competitive is good actually, but never over did it. No point scoring a goal in friendly game while half of the opponents were down due to your dirty play. You will never earn a single cent of respect from that piece of hard work.

I’m gonna walk like zombie tomorrow as my legs are still numb now.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Gone in Three Days

Dear all,

Did you realised the new movie Gone in sixty seconds [2000] three days [2008] was released this morning?


Don’t ever miss it!

RM 10,000,000.00 gone in 3 days, started on the 8th of March.

Wife also like that, you think I believe your husband’s clean?

We Chinese usually call such cases as big got big eat, small got small eat.

You say you are clean, you think I stooopid ar?

Even my dog also doesn’t believe you!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Waterfall Outing at Sungai Kanching


I guess I need to back date this entry, the trip was way too long ago.

A bunch of bored and lazy workforce in my company organized an outing once in 6 months at last!

Thanks to our great lazy mastermind, waterfall at sungai kanching was suggested.

Sungai kanching waterfall is just opposite the Commonwealth Park along the Jalan Templer.

Since my office is in Kepong, so it is not far from there. Anyhow, based on past experience, we need to announce the departure time 30 mins earlier for those who are famous of late coming.

Took this before we actually started to walk up to the first waterfall. These bugger took this without waiting for me, so I have to wave from the back far far away…… damn it!

Last glance of the lower land.

Route up to the waterfall and man made pool was OK and moderate steep.
Too bad the man made pool, which was filled with peeeeooopleeee.

But this is not our final destination yet, we are heading to another waterfall at upstream. Manmade concrete ladder is no more available from here, the hardest part of the journey.

At last the effort we took paid well. We got a private waterfall. Upstream somemore.

Muahahahha…. Everything will flow to the downstream…. Hehehe…. Eat my XXXX!!!

Smaller scale waterfall and clearer water, and it was totally belong to us (during that morning).

The water is still clean just like its name, Sg. kanching = Sg.干净.



Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Random Pictures 1

Waiting, just waiting.

My neighbourhood, Dataran Ukay

It's going to rain, soon.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


In year 2006, I was so happy when I heard DBKL is implementing the integrated transport information system to our capital as this was one of the objectives in the Structural Plan Kuala Lumpur 2020 to improve the traffic flow. It’s so proud and glad to see my homeland is developing and towards a civilized nation.

I’m even became a happier person when they installed a sparkling new Variable Message Sign on the MRR2 near my house year ago.

This year, until today, not a single alphabet or dot displayed on it yet. I’m wondering this sign board is dead or working but no message from DBKL? In fact, I always caught in the jam after the sign board, so it is not conveying message to the road user!

Why are we Malaysians always good at implementing SUPA high technologies but unable to maintain them. What’s the point of installing those and don’t know how to fix it.

In order not to waste our hard-earned money on those super junk, I have a few suggestions for DBKL if they actually looking for ideas what to display.

p/s: I repeat, I’m so PROUD that Kuala Lumpur has all these state-of-the-art implementation.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

So Where’s the Lembu Now?


Few years ago…..
Me: Wahlau eh, the “L”embu infront damn slow le.

Friend: What for you tailgating the Lembu? You want to eat cow shit ar?

Me: Wahlau eh, the Lembu damn fast wor, from 1st lane to 3rd lane, then back to 1st lane again, then to 2nd lane, blah blah blah…...

Sometimes Very often I saw those instructors were speeding like late for the F1 JPJ driving test.

I wonder how these so called teachers can produce better drivers for the future, as these driving instructors cutting in and out the lane like his ayah punya jalan. How can you “teach” people to obey the rules while you yourself were breaking the law?

How did they obtain the instructor's license?


So I now announce that the “L” is NO LONGER CALLED LEMBU, and it should be:-

Such announcement shall be effective immediately!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Speed Limit on MRR2

Latest speed limit that I observed from MRR2.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I’ve Got Allergic!

WARNING: This post contains silky bare legs and most probably NSFW. You might get into trouble for watching my extremely beautiful white legs. Please proceed with extra care.

You can have all my allergic,
You can have all my allergic,
aller, aller, aller, a, a, a, I’ve got allergic…..
aller, aller, aller, a, a, a, I’ve got allergic…..
aller, aller, aller, a, a, a, I’ve got allergic…..
a, a, a, a, a……

oh my god!

My precious white chopped chicken drumsticks got so many rashes!

Its soooo itchy, and the worst part is still have to work! Luckily is just only the legs were affected and not other visible parts.

Imagine your boss explaining something to you, and you are busy scratching your leg, how fun or good is that?

The next coming qing ming I’ll bring my own blanket and pillow! Should not allow such incident to happen again!

Monday, April 7, 2008

It’s Summer in My Office

Can you please enlighten me how to survive in an air conditioned 30 degree Celsius workstation?


Attendant : Sorry sir, your steak is overcooked. So would you like to have another one?

Me : No need la, the steak is just as cooked as me = welldone. Even you serve a medium rare steak right now; I bet the steak will cooked completely itself by the help of 30 degrees air conditioner.

I guess I should get a body paint of work shirt before I come to work.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another Cool Website!

Found something funny or interesting on Youtube?

Wanted to save a copy?

Thinking of sharing with mates on the phone without logging to the internet?

Try this.


I'm lovin' this!


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The First Day of April…

By the 1st of April every year, you can get tons of crazy news flying all around the globe. Some of them looked real but some of them really need an improvement on the following year.

BMW Canine Repellent Alloy Protection System

this is the probably the BEST joke I have ever seen today

LOL. Canine Repellent Alloy Protection system (C.R.A.P.), Rim Impulse Power (R.I.P.).

See whether my new 325 got this function or not.

Super Mario Game