Thursday, January 31, 2008


Went dinner with ex-colleagues at Manjalara yesterday night.

It was suppose to be an announcement from the organiser and cant believe the organiser ffk-ed us.

Ahhh…. This is not the first time she ffk-ed us and we still trust her this time.

Sometimes I really dulan with those people who cant make it on time and do not inform me UNTIL I call him/her. IF u cant make it, why won’t you make an effort to inform others? Sometimes I do curse you and your parents on the phone straightaway, because I don’t deserve to be ffk-ed. And so you are deserved to be cursed.


In one nice Saturday late morning, received a call from a Sheffield ex-flatmate suddenly. He asked me to join him lunch at Midvalley with other Sheffield coursemates. He mentioned that he’s going to present red bomb today and bringing his gf along with him. Since we were quite close before, I would put aside my things and join him for lunch. Contacted all other coursemates, everyone was busy and unavailable but due to his red bomb and gf, everyone was trying to give him face and turn up in the lunch.

After being rushed, beating the jam, intense KL heat, suffered through the inadequate car parks and stomach illness from late lunch, to reach midvalley, ON TIME..


He came alone with his 10 black bananas aka empty hands.

Damn it, not red bomb at all. No sight of his gf at all. NOT even a single photograph at all. His explanation was just to get us out to fill up his boring lunch. Basically I felt cheated and fooled at that moment. Not only me, others who made the effort to attend do felt the same like me.

We thought that for us to meet you doesn’t need a cool red bomb and “gf” thing. What’s the point of baiting us to meet you with some unrealistic reasons?


Tuesday, January 29, 2008



If you want to know how your life is going to turn out, you just have to know where you're heading.

~Paul Arden

Eyesight Improvement

Kinda worried about my eyesight, it’s deteriorating day after day.

May be it is due to too much movie time on the monitor and too much computer paper work.

I’ve got 2 pinhole glasses from SM, but it seems like doesn’t help much like what they claimed in the advertisement.

Instead, I googled about “eyesight improvement” and I found Bates Method. According to Bates, he define poor eyesight is due to the strain to see. The way to better eyesight is through relaxation of both mind and body.

He proposed 5 methods, which are Palming, Centralization, Sunning, Swinging, and Testcard Practice.

Place your palms over your closed eyes, letting the fingers cross over at the forehead. Slightly cup your palms such that you are not pressing on the eyeballs. Feel the warmth of the hands radiate and diffuse gently into your eyeballs. Think of the most peaceful scene that you can imagine. Relax...

This is an exercise to promote correct use of the eye. More accurately, it should be named "vision habit" for the simple reason that you do this "exercise" throughout the day, not just during the session.
According to the structure of the eye, there is a small point known as the fovea centralis. This is where vision is sharpest: in the middle of the visual field straight in front of you. By centralisation, one should focus one's visual attention at a single point in front of you. When looking at an object for example, look at it part by part; bit by bit. Trying to see the entire scene clearly simultaneously is going beyond the limitations of the physical eye, thus creating strain, which is suposedly the root cause of bad eyesight.
Focus at a single "eye", seeing only that one very clear and bright. Let all the other "eyes" become dull and soft. Move your gaze gently around the bright shining "eye".
When you have accomplished this, focus on a different "eye". Now, this will become bright and colourful while others become dull (including the first eye you looked at initially).
Have you tried the exercise? The experience of seeing only the central part of the visual field clearly is called "centralisation". Apply what you have learnt here to all waking hours. Make it a habit and encourage correct use of the eyes: an important part of vision improvement.

Close your eyes and face the sun directly. Slowly move your head left and right to let the sunshine reach every part of your retina. Notice the sun moving in the opposite direction. Breathe deeply and slowly.
After this, you can do a variation. Imagine that your eyes shoot laser beams. Using your "eye lasers", trace around the edge of the sun. First do in a clockwise direction, then change direction.
After sunning, finish up the session by palming for about 2 minutes.

Stand wth your feet shoulder-width apart. Face the front and do not move the head nor the eyes throughout the exercise. Gently swing your entire body towards the left, lifting your right heel as you do so. Once you have turned 90 degrees, stop. Did you notice that the room seems to be moving? As you move left, it appears to swing in the opposite direction, in this case right.
Now, gently swing towards the right, this time lifting the left heel but still keeping the foot on the ground. Stop once you turn 90 degrees. I know this can be a bit confusing (get your lefts and rights sorted out first!), but this is definitely worth the trouble to learn.

Testcard Practice
Get yourself a small eyechart, preferably on a cardboard base. Look at a letter that you can see clearly. Go around the edges of the letter, slowly tracing the outline.
Close your eyes and visualise the black letter for about 10 seconds. After that, repeat with other letters. Breathe slowly and deeply all the while.
Finish up the eye exercise with a palming session. After regular practice, you will notice that the letters seem clearer and blacker. Yet some others have said this is due to the phenomenon of "blur interpretation". Any improvement in clarity is simply due to our own imagination. Well, try it out for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

For more information, please visit here and here

Friday, January 25, 2008

My Name is Nike


Hi, my name is Nike. Nice to meet you.

I’m 3 years old and weights around 14kg. According to the Kennel Club (UK) standards, I’m just slightly over weighted. I have a 3 storey dog house with 3 maids taking care of me. They are responsible for protecting me, feeding me, play and walk with me, etc…..

When I need attention, I’ll just bite the floor mat and run in front of them. One of them will definitely chase after me.

When I need food, I’ll make some loud weird noise that even greater than the bark when some strangers coming in.

When strangers stepping into my boundary, I’ll bark twice and continuing with my unfinished business. 2 barks are enough to prove that I have done my job as a guard dog.

When I need to sleep, I’ll never bother to listen to my maid’s command, but not when he’s carrying some treats.

When I’m too sleepy to walk downstairs to my bed, I’ll pretend like paralyzed and waiting my maid to carry me down.

When bathing is required, I’ll make sure there’s hot water shower for me.

When my maid is walking me, I’ll make sure that I’ll walk him.

Lastly, remember to watch my movie – The Underdog

For more of my infomation, Beagle it.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Phone

Busy surfing and downloading applications for my P1i… too bad I can’t get the GPS receiver handsfree yet, the salesman promised to call me when it’s launched.

Got my first hand phone hang yesterday nite, while I was trying to backup my contacts to the pc. The phone couldn’t reboot itself and I’ve been googling all sorts of answers for this issue. Seems like tonnes of P1i users facing this as well….

I’m in the middle of the learning curve of the qwerty keypad, this really needs a small finger tip to press a certain key. The handwriting reorganization is fine to me, at least it can understand 80% of my doctor style of handwriting.

Camera wise, the green tint issue still bugging me at the moment. The macro mode is still ok if comparing apple to apple, since this is a camera phone. Autofocus is abit slow but still better than dun have. 3.2 megapixels is way much better than my old 1.3 ones.

Surfed net by tapping into company’s wifi, and my efficiency at work drops to 50% immediately, that’s real bad. Couldn’t get a better messenger than ebuddy mobile at the moment.

Ciao, need more time to look for applications…

Monday, January 21, 2008

CNY Holiday Planning

Ahhh Chinese new year is coming….

Everyone’s planning their extension of holidays in my office. The official holiday for my company is on 6th to 10th, most of my colleagues disappearing from 5th onwards. I’m thinking of extending my holidays to Tuesday 12th, but I would miss the chance of getting ang paus from all my big bosses, if I missed the first working day.


So I decided to change my plan abit. I’m coming to work on Monday morning, then after collecting all ang paus then I cabut in the afternoon. Good, half day leave can solve this issue….

Suddenly one of my colleagues said what if the bosses come in the afternoon? Oh shit.

My first picture with P1i on this blog.


Friday, January 18, 2008

New Generation of Proton Saga


At last proton is working back to the normal and rather conservative way of styling. No more UFO style of rear light like Proton Waja, stupid cartoon to prove the small car is strong by just some lame flash games like Proton Savvy, some so called new car but just an elongated version like Proton Persona, etc….

Ah ha…. The new saga looks good, and I’m confident that it’s going to be a tough war for Perodua Viva. Equipped with an updated engine, exciting prices, and plain but elegant dashboard design.

Good job Proton, at last you listen to the consumers, and we dowan cars with crazy ideas that don’t work. This car is just cool for those average joe that just want an average car.

Hope to see more of this in Proton! Proton Boleh!

Read more over


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tyre Changing Season

It’s almost 2 years and 51,000 km clocked.

And, it’s about time to change a new set of tyres…

Seems like my bonus will be colder than water and drained into the 2 pieces of black rubber.

Luckily I’m just changing two and not four, thanks to the nice 1 foot deep pothole at MRR2 on some nice rainy day. Hmmm let me recall what happened on that day.

It was a real bad day; firstly, ffked by my ex-colleague, then I have to settle my dinner myself and drive home. Secondly, it was a great day, rainy and wet night.

As usual, poorly dimmed corner due to the bridge construction and raining makes things even greater to my white light bulb.

Was cruising about 90+km/h while taking the corner and hit it with no expectation at all.

As a result, a loud puncture sound and damn heavy steering.

It killed the front right tyre instantly and I move slowly to the nearest petrol station. Even the tortoises were scolding me.

I decided to change to spare tyre at the nearest petrol station and not along the road shoulder, because it is so dangerous to perform tyre changing in dark roads. Furthermore, I knew that the engineers must have ensured that the mass of vehicle will be shared safely by other 3 tyres, so no point to change immediately at risky places.

When I reached the petrol station, and I suddenly received a message from another ex-colleague saying that he’s just at the opposite side of the road. Wow…. That’s great, maybe not so great for him, hahahahaha….. after texting him, he came immediately.

To cut the story short, we changed it together, and went home safely.

At the end of the day, I learn something new, is not about tyre changing, is about genuine friendship that appears when you are in trouble. I would say I’m glad to have such friends and your contribution will always remembered by me.


Besides that, another lesson I’ve learn was to take pictures of the killer pothole and to claim their insurance. Sue these bitches to bankruptcy...

Anyway, back to the new tyre.

Changing another 2 pieces of Michelin Pilot Preceda 2 makes me so excited to wait for the weekend to come. The performance is way much better than stock Goodyear NCT5

Hmmmm…. I’m sitting at a corner of the house and waiting patiently like a kid, just like he’s waiting for his school holiday to come….

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Horny Snakes


I knew this is not worth the money to watch in cinema, so I decided to ignore it that time.

Until yesterday, I just found out that I have 20+ movies downloaded still not yet watch, so I dig back all the dvds that that I have burn last year and I found this.

Actually this movie is best to watch when you are a bit moody and things aren’t moving well. It really cheers you up with some stunts like dick biting, boob biting, eye penetration, etc…

Horny male snake gets boob.

Horny female snake gets dick, suck that!!!

Besides that, you get very attentive flight attendants, which will never happen in real life.

I think I should get some 2000 hours of PS2 flight simulation so that in case, IN CASE the pilot and co-pilot were poisoned to dead by snakes again…. Who knows when will be the Snakes on a Plane: Episode 2

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Movies and mp3 Sources

Oh no….. This place is haunted.

Even the owner also does not drop by oftenly…

This is not good////// I need to update more over here….

Some people might wonder where do I download movies and mp3s from???

Ok, I’m going to share this over here….

Feel free to visit them….

WARNING: Some websites contained NSFW advertisement.

For Chinese mp3, xunlei, baidu

For limited English mp3, aimini, torrentspy

For English movies, xunlei, torrentspy

For TVB series, failforum (You need to register before downloading...)

Alright, I shall see you later. Bye

p/s: now would anyone provide me a better place that can download lots of English mp3s, please?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Bad Dream

I had a bad dream last night.

Real bad, I could remember it til now.

Its all about bald, become bald.

I was so sad in that dream when I realised that I have lose all my hair. So lucky its just a dream.

The very next day morning, I started to consume less salt.

I don’t really know why I was so afraid in that dream, may be is just that I am not mentally prepared to accept that....

image source


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Those Were the Days

.Do you still remember those days we used 28.8, 33.6, 56kbps dial up?

Do you still remember those days we heard the sound of “1515” and also the conversation between your modem and aliens?

Do you still remember those days we registered to rocket mail?

Do you still remember those days we used lycos and excite search engines?

Do you still remember those days we chatted on mIRC?

Do you still remember those days our screen resolutions were set at 800 x 600 or less?

Do you still remember those days we made homepages via and

Do you still remember those days we surfed the internet using Netscape?

End of Support for Netscape web browsers

Sad to see Netscape browser is closing down….

Well, outdated stuffs are getting replaced by new ones.

Are you going to let yourself to be one of the outdated stuffs in the world?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Twenty O Eight

It’s 2008.

I guess the first mistake to make in 2008 will be writing 07 instead of 08 in the year column. This mistake repeated every single year in my life, excepting 0-6 years old.

Spent my first day in year 2008 at home….. watched You Can Count On Me, The Guardian, and Just Friends. All three movies were so different and I personally like all of them. Not bad, not bad… I love watching movie alone which has no distraction at all, I can properly goes along with the movie and be inside of that movie.

My procrastinate viruses embedded in my body delayed my reading of The Air Asia Story, but at last gao tim! My Story: Lim Goh Tong is in my next planning to read book.

Thinking of getting a new phone…. P1i or W960i?

Super Mario Game