Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Abstract of 2008

Year 2008 curtain is coming down soon. Its been a very bumpy ride compared to 2007 and 2006 for me. Made some decisive moves and changed my life tremendously. Yet, I have no regret on every single decision made. I know I didn’t managed to make more money than others, but I’m much happier than previous years.

I did the following,
1. Resigned from comfort zone and leave Malaysia
2. Took up a master course
3. Went on a roadtrip without any proper planning
4. Catch up with sports or fitness again
5. Been to Taman Negara and Sungai Kanching waterfall
6. Crushed my right wrist and immobilized for 1 month.
7. And brought it to roadtrip!
8. Had my longest MC ever, 21 days in July.
9. Ruined by total of 5 inches of lecture notes just for the sake of exam again.
10. Kept alcohol outside
11. Started to love reading
12. Extremely glad to meet so many long lost friends
13. Spent a lot more time with her
14. Burnt almost the entire savings of three years of hard work.
15. Maintained my record of punctuality at work.
16. Made two great barbeque sessions in my house, which I love to plan parties.
17. Found a new job in a new country.
18. Told my mom “If I wanted to have an easy life, I would have stayed back in my previous job for the rest of my life. I have chosen the hard way; I want to improve the situation.”

I regretted doing the following,
1. Addicted to redbull, and coffee.
2. Didn’t travel and see much of Malaysia and Singapore, or just the rest of the world.
3. Didn’t study hard enough.
4. Didn’t take much photos enough to remember year 2008.
5. Spend not enough time with parents and pet.
6. Making not enough of new friends in uni.
7. Didn’t participate hard enough in uni activities.

Major incidents that affected me,
1. Relocation of ex-company to far far unknown land.
2. Relocation to Singapore and the culture shock is just as bad as UK time.
3. Un-employed for 5 months.
4. Left parent’s umbrella and stood under rainstorms alone.

My wish in year 2009,
1. Take more time to travel.
2. Complete my master on time.
3. Stay competitive in study and work.
4. Make more people happy.
5. Update the blog more frequently.
6. Pay more attention to surroundings and friends.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Exam Results + Job Hunting + Holiday = Today

It’s been a month of holiday, awaiting exam results and job hunting. Everything comes to its end today, except holiday! Yeah!

Remember the day that I panicked like hell because of my poor attempt on one of those papers? The exam result is finally out and quite satisfying, although I’m the lowest among the rest of the classmates that I know. At least I don’t need to retake any subject. One of my friend asked

”eh, why don’t you request for review for that paper?”

my answer was

you siao ar, I can only answer one question which worth only 15 marks and you want me to look for trouble again? I’m sure fine with any grade other than ‘F’”

Found myself a job too, although the pay is not handsome, but still, better than unemployed during the recession period.

Going back to KL again tomorrow, to get some mandatory rest before the work and study stress piles up together like combo meals.

Have a nice day!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why Wait?


Why wait until a doctor to tell you have only six months left then only you start to do something you like in life?

You only live once.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Zero New Job!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I was laughing too laugh and woke my gf up.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cool Stuff


This is real funny! You gonna regret if your missed it.

Those people are damn creative wei~~~

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Blog's Reading Level

blog readability test

How about yours?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ministers are Impressive Heroes

Our minister is somehow got leveled up again, and saying yet another some unbeatable remarks.

Developers and buyers responsible too, says Shabery

To me it sounded like this:-

Itu lu punya pasal, siapa suruh you tinggal sana? You beli rumah sana, you pun perlu bertanggungjawab tau.


Now I hope and pray damn hard so that landslide will happen to his house today. Come let’s pray with me, we don’t need such ignorant.

I agree developers are evils, but how can you say that buyers’ fault? Who wants to live in some dangerous spots if he/she knows it? Look at those artist impression posters, photoshopped advertisements. Our fault? Don’t expect a doctor will know everything about geotechnical stuffs around his home, or a geotechnical engineer to know how to operate like a surgeon. What are the authorities for? To protect whose interest?

We pay cukai this cukai that for what? To galvanise your steel rice bowl? Show us some ethics man. And some sympathy to victims too. Please, please, please! Use your pea brain hardly before making a speech.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Useless Stuffs Again

Saw this today:

Don’t cry because it is over,

Smile because it happened.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Landslide, My Version

Another huge landslide in Ulu Klang.

I could still recall the small landslide that happened to my house many years back, few years after the highland towers incident.

I remembered that day was still raining when I returned home from school. Just like one usual day, unlock the gate and walked into the house. Bloody hell! The whole ground floor was flooded with muddy water like milo, I was so shocked and quickly look for the source. Apparently the water came from second floor; this is because my house is actually sits on the hill and the backyard where the hill is connected to the second floor. In other words, the ground floor is partially underground. The worst part which makes me very fuming at was, my maid was shoving the muddy water outside of her room, to stop water entering her room only. Arghhhh!!!! How selfish is that?

The earth slide into my backyard with some medium size trees, blocked all drainage and water flooded into the living room in second floor. The water mark at living room was about one inch height while dropping to ground floor through the stairs. The one and only seen waterfall in my house. Great to see, pain to clean the mess.

It took more than a week to get things back in order. Trees need to be cut into smaller pieces and carried away from the backyard. The excessive soil too. Lastly, huge bright blue / orange plastic sheets were being pinned onto it. That was one tiring week! Pinch of salt added to the wound when I saw my maid was playing with the mud water in the living room while cleaning up. Damn it!

Since then any earth movement heard from the slope at the back will kept me awake. To run for my life just in case.

When are they going to ban those developments at very steep sites? Landslide, banned, reviewed, approved, landslide again, banned again, reviewed again and then approved again? Look at those frustrations that are brewing around my neighbourhood.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Return of Why Why Liew

Oh my goodness, I have only four posts in the entire November?


Damn, I’m just way too hardworking!

I’m just gonna put up some photos and do less talking.

Have been rotting for 2 weeks since my last exam. Applied some jobs, watched some movies and that’s all. I seriously do think that I need a life.

No reply from job application yet, probably I need to rework my resume again.

Taken while waiting for my bus to NTU

179 is the one of the two buses to NTU that I take.

NTU's administration building, I can't show you how old are those engineering depts. What to do? engineers always work in dirty places.

Night version of it.

The following photos were taken during Daren's trip to sg:

somewhere near Boat Quay

Look for the answer yourself.

Yes, the metal "durian".

Construction of Marina Bay Sands

For those who wants to convert their Malaysian driving licence to Sporean one.
Bye now.

Super Mario Game