Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY is over, for me at least!


Chinese New Year is over for me. Started work today, chor 3. How sad is that.

All I had for cny was sore throat then ultra sore throat and also tsunami style sore throat.

Almost finish one whole box of Difflam lozenges which costs me RM20 for 16 sweets and still pain like hell.

Got my first paycheck in sg dollar first time, but still most of them contributed to my tuition fees. So sad.

Started to plan something out for year 2009, since there are so many public holidays on Monday and Friday. For example, the Christmas and new year are Fridays and four days of leave can generate 10 days to travel.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Relax, Holiday Mood la Boss

One more day left.

I’m going back, to a place I called home, a place where you are very familiar even though you haven’t stepped in for a long time.

I missed KL.

The food is sometimes bad, but you are spoiled with choices of Chinese food or probably I’m used to have it the KL way for 20 years.

This new year I wanna eat/drink:
Pork mee
Prawn mee
Roti telur bawang
Daging special cheese burger
The KL way of lou sang
The KL way of drinking beer
Wantan mee
Cheesy wedges
Nasi lemak with rendang daging
Redbull less sugar
Nescafe ice
Bak kut teh
Melawati kebab

Damn it, I’ve got only 3 days in KL, how the hell can I achieve it?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adik Perempuan System

Isn’t it great to hear that the AP system might be extended to 2020?

Those sissy AP holders are so-called not ready, to stand on their own feet. Still need spoon feeding from the people, and the parents are about to accept it.

Hopeless la.

So what are you waiting for?

Vampires are already sucking your blood for generations and you still not going to fight back?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Haw Par Villa is Almost Gone

Paid a visit to the
Haw Par Villa today. My last visit was like at least 10 years ago, when everything still well maintained. It’s kind of sad to see the park now in run down state, algae filled ponds and deteriorating statues.

All the rides were gone, the theaters were closed down forever and the crowds were no longer there.

Hopefully someone can revamp the one and only Chinese mythological theme park in Singapore and bring the long lost fame and proud back.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Work + Study = Crap

Work has started on Tuesday, but now only I could have some oomph to update here. Work til 6 and rush to uni for 6.45pm class is very hectic. Too rush, not enough time, too crowded. When you reach home, you will head to bed right after shower, no time to figure out whether I have time for other activities or not.

My first job was a small company which has only 10 staffs at most, and then 50 staffs for the second one and now 110, just my division alone. Corporate life is not fun at all, I always missed the life in my first job. My temporary lappie is like 7 years old, it has 2.0GHz 256mb ram running on win xp pro. It takes its own sweet time to boot up and launch whatever programmes. To add salt to the wound, my user account is still a mistake, guest account. I can’t even access to my team’s data. Basically I’m still not even on track with the rest of the team, perhaps things get better next week.

When you study, you want to work. When you work, you want to study. Conclusion, I have an itchy ass.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cina Punya Tahun Baru la

We celebrated Christmas and New Year not long ago, and we now switch our attention to the most important times in Chinese calendar, Chinese New Year.

It’s less than a month to CNY. I bet most of us already planned their trip back to hometown for the precious reunion dinner on the 30th Night of the 12th Month in Chinese calendar.

For me, I have new job and another semester coming in January, and my class resumes on the third day of the New Year. So I would have to leave the town on Chor 2, 8am to be exact. Blame myself for procrastinating so much til the golden tickets are all sold out. I’m heading to KL on the 23rd of January, departing at 11pm. Another sleepless night again I guess.

Hopefully I can meet more long lost friends and lou sang until lao sai this time.

Ang pau here I come!!!

Super Mario Game