Sunday, December 30, 2007

My City

Lots of people asked me whether honda city saves petrol or not.

The first thing I usually answer is “it depends on your driving habits.”

And that’s utterly true.

My car consumes around 15.5 km per litre.

So the market rate for RON97 is RM 1.92, so that would be RM 0.123 per litre.

This result is considered hard to obtain actually. This only happens when I’m not provoked by some evo-wannabe, some road hogs, and also some turtles doing 60km/hr at fast lane.

But if you ask me whether the car worth RM85k or not, I would actually rethink again.

If u consider dollar to dollar, not exchanging the rate. 85K in US or UK is a lot. You can even get yourself a 5 series beemer over there, and what we get is a Honda city and which only costs 500,000 baht in Thailand. Is there something fishy? You might say the cost of petrol is expansive in Thailand, but, BUT when would you pay petrol up to RM 35K in probably 10 years of driving? Even a golf GTI in Australia selling at 25K dollars, and we can get a lousy proton savvy at RM35K. So where are all the monies gone to? Mungkinlah ini satu lagi projek barisan nasional.

Why our salary did not exchanged, just like cars?


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Lack of Update, Probably…..

Currently on The Air Asia Story. Curious about how Tony could hit another new bucket of gold in less than 5 years time.

By the way, Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

5 days left to year 2008. Are you ready for that?

Monday, December 24, 2007

Airbus A380-800

This might not be your first time seeing this picture, but definitely worth mentioning about the future of air transportation.

The largest passenger airliner was used to be B747-400, until this flying giant taken over the lead with 50% more floor space. This double deck, four engine monster is able to swallow at least 525 people compared to 416 people in B747-400. Besides that, the design range of A380 is up to 15,000 km, even 1,000 km more than the B747-400 Extended Range. The max take off weight of A380 is 560,000 kg as compared to 440,000 kg of B747-400, this would absolutely helping the purchaser to decide whether to go for something that can carry additional 100,000 kg of sellable weights.

Now we saw Airbus is moving towards large capacity development, but how about Boeing?

Boeing chose to develop a derivative for the 400 to 500 seat market, instead of matching the A380's capacity.

B747-8 is the answer to the above question. B747-8 is an upgraded version of B747-400. Definitely Boeing is thinking about the economical benefits of their clients, due to similar training, interchangeable parts, and certifications would be a huge savings as compared to the new A380.

Anyhow, we expected to see the first commercial flight of B747-8 in 2010, if everything goes smoothly.

1 unit of A380 will cost you about 320 millions euro and B747-8 would be 290 millions US if you are interested.

Its good to see A380 could reduce the cabin noise up to 50% and higher cabin air pressure than B747-400 (I’m really looking forward to see this!)

Shall talk less and let’s have a look at Singapore Airlines's A380-800 edition.


Man, I’m begging you to slap me harder than before.

Nah, just joking. Don’t hit me.

Shall continue to write some crap over here rather than stupid limited friendster blog.

This is gonna be fun~~~~~

So good bye to my friendster blog

So lets move on!

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